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Data Capturing Service

September 17th, 2018

Another Exclusive Offer for Placement Partner Clients!

If you are having trouble capturing the details of those quality candidates who you want to work with then take note. Placement Partner has teamed up with DIY my CV to bring you an exclusive offer for data capturing services.

The process is simple:

  1. The parameters of the project will be defined such as, the number of CVs you would like to capture, the level of detail, the time constraints, etc.
  2. You will be added to the DIY my CV CRM system and a DIY data capturer will be given login details (by adding another user) to your Placement Partner system.
  3. The raw CVs will be transferred to DIY (most likely using Dropbox),
  4. And from there the data capturing begins!


Contact Angie from DIY my CV to find out more.

Make Placements Faster!

Tips: Job Sectors and Functions

September 3rd, 2018

Our latest article is available via BizCommunity and the aim is to provide you with a little guidance in managing the “filing cabinet” within your Placement Partner system.

Try out these 4 simple tips – Streamline your data capturing process and optimize your search capabilities to make your life that much easier!


Give us a call if you have any question and let’s meet for coffee to discuss!


Happy Recruiting! :)

Exclusive Offer – BizCommunity

July 23rd, 2018

Offer from BizCommunity Exclusively for

Placement Partner Clients

●      Get a mini-recruiter office
●      Drive traffic to your website
●      10 000 free banner impressions
●      4 free newsletter inserts
●      18 industries to choose from!

Placement Partner has collaborated with BizCommunity – The biggest multi-industry news and information site catering to professional audiences in Africa and South Africa – to bring you this special offer, exclusively available to Placement Partner clients. We’re embarking on a mission to leverage our business relationships to bring our customers as much value as possible and we’re ecstatic to have BizCommunity on board.


Get a BizCommunity Recruiter package (unlimited job ads) + mini press office (3 releases) for a once off R22 300 or R1858 per month and get 10 000 banner impressions and 4 newsletter inserts in any of BizCommunity’s 18 industry newsletters to drive prospects to your website or Press Office content.

Contact Clarina on 021 404 1460 or at clarina@bizcommunity.com to take advantage of this special offer today!