2 Feb '20
Chief Litigation Officer

Business Services, Gauteng Tshwane (Pretoria)

R 10 Annually

The main purpose of this role is to lead and provide strategic direction input in the management of tax related Litigation with respect to matters on appeal in terms of the applicable statutes and rules of court and providing legal support and expert advice in taxpayer litigation cases. The Chief Litigation Officer role is centralised within the Service Delivery (Operations) Cluster

Relevant Honours Postgraduate Diploma (NQF 8) AND 12-15 years' experience in a legal practice with a strong prosecution inclination or similar environment, of which 4-6 years as a senior litigator.

Relevant Bachelor's Degree Advanced Diploma (NQF 7) AND 15 18 years related experience

Performance Management of staff for effective Employee Engagement Performance Excellence.
Engagement with internal stakeholders to ensure effective management of interdependencies.

Provide expertise, advice and support in overseeing Litigation on tax and related litigation matters.
Conduct research, assist with the preparation and arguing of appeals in the Tax and other Courts, and furnish Company management and the branch offices with legal opinions and advice on all tax litigation and related matters.
Overseeing the efficient utilisation of Senior Counsel in respect of appeals and urgent interdicts, review or declaratory order applications in Courts.
Establish specialist systems, procedures, policies and practices that supports litigation effectiveness.

Ensure a consistent approach of staff counsel in handling of litigation matters and responsible for
reviewing monthly litigation status reports and providing guidance to staff counsel on litigation
Engagement with relevant stakeholder, intermediaries, legal institutions and rep resentative bodies.

Prepares Business Unit Resource plan.
Accountable for the effective husbanding of all financial and material resources within the Business Unit.
Compli es with all requirements of PFMA and relevant Treasury and Company policies and regulations.

Strong leadership teams consist of individuals who collectively bring a diverse skills and attributes set that complements one another. Notwithstanding, every potential leader should display a set of core leadership attributes in addition to the role specific skills and attributes.

Ad Visible Until: 29 February 2020
Ref: CNT000310/SM

Vacancy Type: Permanent