9 Nov '18
Procurement Administrator – Imports

Logistics, Warehouse & Freight, Western Cape Century City

Market related - Market related

The purpose of this service is to ensure that the procurement imports function is managed to the agreed standards within agreed timeframes, costs, and deadlines.

Stock Management

  • Manage stock levels by examining forecasts, requests, alternate suppliers/prices, and economic order quantities, using all tools available, to meet the strategic, financial and commercial objectives and optimize stock holding and distribution within regions and nationally.
  • Optimise the procurement process internally and with suppliers.
  • Manage the supply chain by determining requirements to receipt and payment of goods, understanding incoterms and international shipping requirements. Liaising between supplier, forwarder and warehouse to ensure smooth and effective delivery.
  • Generate freight estimates and product costings for receipting and comparative costings, ensuring that pricing on the ERP system (Sage) is correct.
  • Procurement, development and establishment of samples in conjunction with the Supply chain supervisor, Sales, R&D and respective technical departments
  • Generate and/or amend all the required documents on the Sage, supplier purchase orders, Estimate Turnaround time (ETA), stock receipts, invoices etc. keeping the relevant personnel Informed where applicable.
  • Maintain and update data in all systems; codes, product groups, stock hierarchy, assemblies, descriptions, preferred supplier, serial numbers, lead times etc, and where applicable, inform all relevant personnel of the details of any changes made.

Sage and due processes

  • Generate purchase orders and all the required documents related to the purchase;
  • Maintain housekeeping on Sage;
  • Capture supplier/forwarders invoices;
  • Advise and ensure compliance with company policies;
  • Communicate with management regarding any irregular issues/concerns
  • Administrator and report on Key Performance Indicators for procurement;


  • Assisting the Supply chain supervisor in negotiating on optimum supplier and service provider prices, solutions, service level agreements and Standard operating procedures for product and freight, whilst building and maintaining relationships.
  • Assist the Supply chain supervisor to identify and improve inbound supply chain, this includes sourcing and assessing alternate suppliers from existing supplier contacts and researching / encouraging new contacts
  • Produce and manage regular reports, statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to highlight areas of concern and improve procurement performance where possible; and
  • Ensure correct documentation and certification is provided and available, whether from or to the company.


  • Check with clearing and forwarding agents that rates are being charged correctly;
  • Investigate discrepancies, follow up and capture credit notes;
  • Liaise with the Supply Chain Supervisor regarding terms, rates and prices to maximise cost efficiency;
  • Reconcile and maintain supplier accounts including requesting/negotiating and capturing credit notes, including allocations and monthly accruals; and
  • Make foreign payments, using foreign exchange contracts where applicable, timeously and accurately in accordance with supplier specific payment terms, including letters of credit and foreign bills for collection inwards (FBCIs).


  • Import procedures certificate (e.g. Essential Export and Import certificate);
  • 3-5 years working knowledge and experience of expediting exports;
  • Intermediate to advanced MS Office knowledge;
  • Fluency in English and Afrikaans;
  • Literacy and numerical abilities to ensure that the export function can run effectively; and
  • Experience in navigating and utilizing an ERP system (e.g. SAGE).


Ad Visible Until: 9 December 2018
Ref: CPT002633/YS

Vacancy Type: Permanent