7 Mar '19
Concrete General Foreman

Construction, Western Cape CPT - Northern Suburbs

- Monthly

Concrete General Foreman

Concrete General Foreman

Critical Skills Requirements:

Must have proven leadership and organizational skills to manage a minimum of 3 Senior Foremen with their respective teams simultaneously.

Must be willing and able to manage and construct completely independent from a Site Agent or other Foremen when the need arises.

 Experienced to compile own programme indicating planned vs actual progress, resource planning and supervision requirements

Experience in managing cost effective usage of resources

Managing and organization of storage areas

Knowledge and understanding of Labour Legislation, OHSA and Environmental regulations and the execution of the works in order to comply with these regulations

Production and Quality of workmanship orientated

Previous personal hands-on experience in the following:

1. Reading and understanding structural drawings incl. reinforcement, formwork, support work, concrete, post tensioning etc.

2. Proper experience in the leading of teams whilst executing the above activities

3. Understand the interaction of different teams and activities

4. Usage of excavators, Mobile cranes and batch plants

5. Working at heights, construction of support work and formwork higher than 8 meters from ground level.

6. Manufacturing of detailed timber formwork

7. Developing proposals as to correct formwork to use and the construction thereof

8. Developing concrete casting methods and execution thereof

9. Assisting and leading teams to construct to accurate dimensions and details

10. Independently lead teams and supervision in all of the above activities. 

Ad Visible Until: 6 April 2019
Ref: CT001218/GJ

Vacancy Type: Permanent